The patented, silver technology found only in SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is the secret to long lasting freshness in today’s most advanced apparel and footwear products. SILVADUR™ patented polymer technology adheres silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of odor-causing bacteria. This bio-responsive performance feature ensures that SILVADUR minimizes odor causing bacteria on the fabric surface  and provides durable protection that won’t wash out for the expected life of your footwear. 

Controlling odor has become an important component when considering how comfortable clothing can be. Consumers are comfortable knowing that odor is held at bay, no matter how extreme their situation.

Turbo-Air: high rebound insole

SILVADUR™ polymer-containing silver technology releases silver ions to neutralize odor-causing bacteria upon contact with your jeans. SILVADUR™ ensures fabrics stay fresh without affecting the fit, feel, or finish of the treated garment.

Max Cusion: memory foam insole

The patented antimicrobial technology found in SILVADUR™ antimicrobial is the secret ingredient to today’s most advanced uniform and workwear garments. Never before has there been an all-day fresh ingredient that works invisibly and only when needed, for the useful life of the garment.

SILVADUR™ is a registered trademark of the DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY

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