About Nord Trail (NT1)
  • Nord Trail® was born in 2009 when Jeffrey, the owner, after his 12 years trading business in European market and 5 years branding business in United States, came to a dream to build a branded quality product but affordable price for mid-tier customers who expect added values for the dollars they spend. Based on his many years manufacturing, trading and branding knowledge and the understanding in the markets, Jeffrey started Nord Trail® - trail north and never stop, the brand spirit.

  • In middle of October 2010, as mall but strong collection came out–performance or best, better and good levels fit three levels of customers’ need.

  • RK Pro Signature Series were named by Ronnie Kovach, who was one of the most popular outdoor personalities on the planet, he had written five best selling books and hosted a 14 Time Telly Award winning weekly television series on FOX Sports, DISH and Direct TV along with a long running outdoor radio program. Ronnie had also had over 35,000 avid outdoor enthusiasts join him on the water with his educational seminars. He trusted in RK Pro Series by Nord Trail® to help them go that extra miles.

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