Find Your Trail

Whether your day takes you to the trails, the woods, the mountains or even the office, Nord Trail offers intelligently-designed footwear that will make the most of your experience. Our hiking shoes feature a breathable lightweight super comfortable high rebound durable EVA insole for long mileage + treated with Silvadur™ Technology of the Dow Chemical Company.


Find Your Safety

NT Work boots deliver protection, comfort and durability to get you through your day from work. Rugged styling, quality leather and designed for anti-fatigue insole make the boots an easy everyday choice on and off the job. View each item's safety descriptions to see if it meets your job needs.


Live with Earthing grounded shoes

Earthing® shoes supply the tech way in connection from the earth to your body by the conductive rubber designed in Earthing® products.

  • 100% proven grounding technology patented by Earthing®, it connects your body naturally to the earth through a special conductive rubber strip, grounding your foot directly to the earths natural conductivity.
  • Proven healthy way - see at